Meet Marion

I am Marion Turner-Hawes and I am standing to be the next MP for Wellingborough.

I offer a very different approach with a clear vision of how I will work to support people, communities and businesses to come together and create a thriving, compassionate and sustainable future for Us all.

As a resident, a Town Councillor and Community Consultant, I am dismayed by the appalling situations that many residents are suffering and the destruction of essential services that should be holding our community together

If elected I will show how a good MP can invigorate the whole area, working to empower, and creating new opportunities for investment and Success

Vote for Marion Turner Hawes as Wellingborough MP

As MP for Wellingborough, I plan to

  • Ensure no one is left behind!
  • MP base to be a community hub
  • Set up community assemblies
  • Improve local joint working
  • Tackle housing affordability and homelessness
  • Campaign for an urgent care centre
  • Tackle climate emergency by setting up climate action hubs
  • Create a local ‘green revolution’
  • Offer alternatives to young people, Steering them away from gangs
  • Treat disabled people/carers with respect, provide good homes/work
  • Bring in more resources to the area
  • Create a community investment pot to fund the big changes we need


My Track Record

I live in Wellingborough and as a qualified housing professional, community Consultant, Company Director, and project manager with 30 years’ experience, I have worked to bring over half a million £s of funding into this area.

During this time I have …

  • Safeguarded services, such as Victoria Centre
  • Supported groups tackling poverty
  • Co-created the ‘One Wellingborough’ COVID service – helping thousands
  • Supported Glamis Hall to begin their climate action work and save energy
  • Helped improve community safety via Castlefields Streetwatch and the Police Advisory Group
  • Led the clearing of tonnes of rubbish and campaigned for alleys in Victoria
    & Isebrook Wards to be gated
  • Helped disabled people to access appropriate homes, create their own business and access to vote
  • Led the Climate Action Project to understand the climate emergency
  • Co-lead the court action to ‘Save
    Our Trees’ on the Walks
Marion Turner-Hawes clearing rubbish in Wellingborough
Marion Turner-Hawes helping disabled access housing

Why Vote for Marion Turner-Hawes? 

Caring for People, the Planet and each other …

I am offering an ambitious vision with an approach that inspires and unites us, getting us excited to take action to make our lives and our communities better and re-invigorate local business.
With a general election around the corner, I ask that you use this ‘free vote’ to choose what your heart desires and needs…”something completely different”

My goal as Wellingborough MP

Since I am not driven by the need to ‘please’ a political party I will work constructively here and in Parliament to press for change.
As our MP I will use my experience of running services, working across local government, the voluntary sector, and with business, to focus more on this role in this constituency, dealing with challenges, creating ways to collaborate and creating answers.
We have so many gifted people, vibrant businesses, and groups taking the lead.
My goal will be to build on this, and with councils, government, and the community to help us all succeed – together

Protecting our Homes and Trees

‘The Walks’ Trees situation has shown us the importance of protecting our heritage, the world around us, and the creatures that we share it with. There is a balance to be found between providing affordable, accessible homes, and safeguarding communities and nature.
For me, we can do both if we are prepared to try alternative approaches.

Why Vote for Marion?

Being our MP at this time will be an uphill struggle. We need a dedicated person to take us in a new direction. Marion Turner-Hawes can be that person.
The result of this election will not change our Government but it could change our lives for the better. By choosing Marion as our ‘Independent MP’ we will be sending a message to the main parties that we demand better!
It will also inspire thousands to believe and act as if our vote really does matter and show that many of us reject the politics of division and hate, and we will instead vote for a person with a vision of unity, compassion and togetherness, whenever we can.


Former Wellingborough PCSO – Craig Blacha


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